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Permit Management Systems

We make compliance simple for your management staff.

The Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission requires that restaurant management maintain a copy of TABC server permits for every server, bartender, or manager at your establishment. They must be available for inspection at any time a TABC agent audits.

If you do not have a permit on every employee, the TABC will assess fines beginning at $150 per person, and progressing to a maximum of $1000 per person for establishments that have been previously fined.

Managing permits is not complicated, but it is time consuming. The question you must ask yourself is "Where is my time better spent?" Taking care of guest service, monitoring food quality, insuring minors and intoxicated guests are not being served, and the myriad other challenges that confront you every day, are probably more of a priority than keeping track of your TABC Server Permits.

Permit compliance is time consuming, since permits must be constantly monitored due to turnover, expiration, and promotion of employees to alcohol serving positions.

Here's how we can help.

Our management system includes an on site monthly audit and a report to the manager on duty which notes the following:

  • All employees serving alcohol listing their permit expiration dates and/or hire dates for new employees.
  • Anyone who is out of compliance.
  • Anyone who will be out of compliance within the next 60 days.
  • A list of out of compliance employees, or employees nearing compliance dates, for posting and a current schedule.

This enables you at a glance to make the necessary decisions based on who can legally be scheduled to serve. If you allow someone to work in your establishment in an alcohol serving position without a valid server permit you are subject to TABC fines.

  • We provide a report to your regional director and to any other authorized departments when requested.
  • All of this pertinent information, along with your employees' permits, is maintained in a notebook to be used by your managers and the TABC agents.
  • We give a schedule to your manager showing upcoming classes, so all you have to do is send your employees to class. Attending class in itself does not make them legal to serve; you must have a copy of the permit issued by the TABC in your establishment.

Handling server permit issues is all we do.

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