Alcohol awareness training
for bartenders and servers
to satisfy Tennessee state requirements










Our Mission

We are NOT the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.


Our mission is to assist liquor-by-the-drink establishments to obtain and maintain compliance with Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission rules and regulations.

We have two areas directed toward the goal of making it as easy as possible for you to comply with TABC rules and regulations. First, we teach classes and get permits for employees. Second, we offer the Permit Management System so managers are free to focus on other priorities. We have designed these programs to make it simple for you to stay in compliance and avoid the cost of TABC fines.

Having worked in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs for many years as servers, bartenders, and as managers, we understand what it takes on a day to day basis to operate a successful business. Knowing what you do is the reason we have specialized in TABC PERMITS and TABC regulations.
In the classroom, our experience helps us relate to our students. We emphasize the importance of communication between employees and managers so problems can be resolved smoothly or avoided altogether.

At your business, we recognize the importance of your time. This is the reason we created our management system. We save you the time of managing employee permits so you can spend your time managing your business.

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