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How To Get A Permit

We make getting a permit easy for bartenders and servers...


The Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) has regulations concerning who can serve alcoholic beverages in the state of Tennessee. In order to serve alcoholic beverages you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You have not been convicted of a felony within the previous four years.
  2. You have not been convicted of any crime relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages, beer, schedules 1 or 2 controlled substances or any sex-related crime or embezzlement within the previous eight years.
  3. You have not had an employee or server permit or similar permit issued in a foreign jurisdiction revoked within the past five years.
  4. You have not had any ownership interest in any establishment which has had its license or permit revoked within the previous eight years.
  5. Within one year prior to the submission of the application you must have successfully completed a program of alcohol awareness training approved by the TABC.
  6. You must have attained your eighteenth birthday.


If you have met all of the requirements listed above, the TABC requires that you have a valid TABC permit in your establishment or on your person as follows:

  • New Employees: within 61 days of your hire date.
  • Promoted Employees: within 61 days of changing your job status to an alcohol serving position.
  • Employees With Current TABC Server Permits: before your card expires.


In order to receive a permit, you must attend a TABC approved Alcohol Awareness Class that includes a minimum of 5 hours of instruction.

Classes are scheduled on various days, times, and locations. Just attending a class does not allow you to legally serve. You must have a copy of the TABC Server Permit, issued by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission, in your establishment, and you must have a copy with you while you are working.


Handling server permit issues is all we do.

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